In other news, im catching lunch with a super cute guy sometime this week.

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Dont mm ind me, just venting.
Today, I’m really hating myself and feeling bad about myself. I kind if wish I had someone to talk to but at the same time I don’t.

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Um why are you on tinder

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I miss this little guy so much.

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So my psych professor is my phone background.

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Dorm room selfies, dooooog. About to go get some lunch and watch ghost adventures while I do math homework. 

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Boys make me so mad

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My roommate scares the fuck out of me because every night around the same time she will sit up in bed, look at me, and start talking in her sleep and it happens. Every. Night.

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Here’s a selfie from today!

Here’s a selfie from today!

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The internet at college is soooo bad

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I swear this fuckin laundry room is haunted

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College boys are weird as hell

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Ignore me, I’m just rambling.

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I wanted to start doing a journal but then i realized, my tumblr basically is a journal. I post things about me and tag them as personal so I have a tag to find everything. Then, I just read through and rememebr things. I really like it. I wasn’t thinking that this is a 21st century journal here on the web.

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